Aleksandra Kryńska quintet

Another talented young artist with an equally young crew. It’s a joy for us to meet new talented and open artists. Great music and a perfect approach to performance.

01.2024 / photo M.Guzik

Bastarda is back!

After a short break, the phenomenal Bastard trio came to us again. The band’s sound matches the studio as much as possible. As usual, an incredible pleasure.


Mateusz Rybicki and friends

It was a great pleasure to host Mateusz Rybicki with a team of great musicians. Quite complex recordings of music inspired by the Apocalypse according to St. Jana turned out great. In contrast to the content, the atmosphere was rather positive.


NERVY – another album

Drums recording for the new album of the NERVY project. Production – Agim Dżeljilji, behind the set Jerzy Makuszewski. During the breaks, some reflections on life, as usual with Agim.


Ania Rusowicz for the second time

We’ve finished recordings for Ania Rusowicz’s new album under the supervision of producer Tomek Waldowski. Moving songs, wonderful musicians, amazing atmosphere and great sound!


Nomination for the Fryderyk award

Marcel Baliński’s album “Opalenizna i Wiatr” recorded with us was nominated for the Fryderyk award. The sound was probably not taken into account, but we know from various sources that it is not inferior to the music. Congratulations from the heart!!!


Scratching Fork recordings

We have finished recording the new Skratching Fork album. The band’s music and their sound were very inspiring. The gentlemen almost stuck together and with the acoustics of the live room. Can’t wait for the mixes.

12.2022 / photo K.Żelazo

Osiedle Kwiatów recordings

Quite unusual for us, because vocals was recorded together with the band in the live room. The Sennheiser MD 441 dynamic microphone from the 70s handled this perfectly. The unconventional drumming required a little more effort than usual. It turned out great.

11.2022 / photo A.Sikorska

Irka Zapolska Quartet

It was great pleasure to record and mix an album by Irka Zapolska’s band. Live recording of course. The album will be on sale soon


Workshops Sound Edit ’22

In November, a meeting with producers and engineers was held in our studio in addition to the rich workshops of this year’s Soundedit’22. We talked about the analog nature of the studio and about the equipment produced by Krzysiek Tonn. Marcin Bors himself and Konrad Żywiecki (Musictoolz) arrived.

10.2022 / photo M.Murawski

Młynarski Tarwid Dąbrowski

Another interesting project with the participation of our resident Janek Młynarski. Multicolored and wild music soon on the album. Pleasure!


Ten Typ Mes / Kuba Więcek

Recordings for Ten Typ Mes supervised by Kuba Więcek.